We believe that the spirit of aloha lives in us all.

We are creatively driven—and all our work is informed by our culture of collaboration.

Our marketing services capabilities are enhanced and magnified through our seamless collaboration with the other major worldwide communications networks. The Diehm Media network provides clients with best-in-class strategic and creative solutions to help grow their brands and build their businesses. Today, our work helps brands become part of the popular culture and engage with consumers in their daily lives.

The Crew

Jack Diehm

Jack founded DM because a friend had no idea how Instagram worked.

Tanner Shimomoto

Tanner does video like a beast.

Kira Diehm

Kira oversees the operations. If you need something, she gets it done.

Mike Tessaro

Mike lives in Los Angeles. He knows commercials


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Diehm Media

We help our clients grow their brand across media platforms, technologies, languages and geographical boundaries.