The REAL Fake Show is a parody on boilerplate, late night talk shows. Hosted by Emmy-Winning broadcaster, Alan Massengale, and his unknown, idiot New Zealander sidekick, Hamish Wright, the scripted, improv show tells a story each episode. Guests and/or their stories may be real, fake or a bit of both.

Imagine Martin Lawrence’s “Big Mama” discussing her desire for more dramatic roles and her willingness to do nude scenes if required. Or Elton John appearing with his wife of 35 years and coming out as a straight man, admitting record executives thought he was more marketable as gay. The show will also feature non-celebrities, such as the university professor who teaches laughing sex

Bolstered by the now ubiquitous phrase “fake news,” The REAL Fake Show is rated PG-13 and has tested positively with viewers 13 to 90 years of age.

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